Use Case

Voces Latinas

Health Education Campaign

Voces Latinas addresses the devastating impact of HIV among Latinas in the New York City borough of Queens. They approached A Great Idea with the goal of advancing an annual educational outreach program’s impact on the local community. Through collaborative discussions and acknowledgement of budget restrictions, the published campaign (poster, brochures, and additional collateral) delivered a unique approach featuring program participants shot in local scenes holding a unique poster done in a style resonant with street signs found in Central and South America.

"We’ve received many compliments from the community and other providers about the new look. It is more representative of our community."—Nathaly Rubio-Torio, Executive Director
  • Keeping the Focus on Health Messaging

    Prior campaigns were challenged with scattered branding. Special attention was paid to align the revised brand logo (with a nod to Voces Latinas’ logo) and represent the community with simple details such as the border designs, typographic elements and color palette. Through consistent uses of a design language, all the materials worked in tandem to reinforce the health awareness messaging. Brochures, posters and cards were also printed locally to reduce costs and maintain budget.

  • Keep It Local & Familiar

    For the main campaign images, the A Great Idea introduced the layered concept of health messages on the posters and photography of the supporters (peers) sharing those messages on the streets of New York City. From there, we enlisted a local photographer to donate their time and do a half dozen original photos with A Great Idea’s photo direction. Together, this created the final power of the campaign: real people in real places with a health message that their peers needed to hear.