Use Case


Voter Engagement Campaign

Out.Vote provides community organization support to the LGBTQplus community, specifically aimed at prompting civic engagement such as voting. In addition to providing the brand for the project, A Great Idea delivered a special social media campaign and strategy represented by the sharing of “VOTER” postcards at events and activities throughout North Carolina, prompting participants to take photos and share on their social networks.

  • Commitment Via Selfie

    As a response to the low voter turnout of the LGBTQplus community in North Carolina, the “Voter” postcard initiative sought to commit potential and likely registered voters to taking action on Election Day through social media. By showing their selfie to friends holding their postcard, A Great Idea wanted to communicate that people could show pride in civic participation but also ensure accountability when the time came to vote. The project gained significant reach through targeted engagements at regional pride events, athletic events and with hundreds participating in support.