Use Case

Just Transition Fund

NET Platform Launch

The Just Transition Fund joined with climate-conscious partners across the country to create a plan that powers the economies of coal-dependent communities with new strategies and industries. JTF invited A Great Idea to develop comprehensive creative solutions for the launch that included both the final plan document as well as an online portal for distribution. A Great Idea strategically delivered a creative solution applying award-winning editorial design skills before creating a Wordpress site—from design to front-end development.

"A Great Idea conquered a challenging project with multiple rounds of edits on a very short deadline and surpassed our expectations by a mile. Hard-working, creative, and versatile—everything you need in a partner on an important project. As a result, we had an excellent product that shined in front of national and regional media and coalition partners."—Executive Director, Just Transition Fund
  • Powerful Presentation

    The National Economic Transition Platform is an incredible opportunity for local governments and leaders to see a climate-focused future where coal-based industries aren’t fueling the local economies. As an aggregate venture of dozens of tribes, organizations, and community-based nonprofits, the editorial design of the platform needed to be clear and capture the aspiration and ideas in an easy-to-understand way.

  • Calling to Action

    The site has one primary purpose: encourage users to read or download the platform document. The user experience decisions reflect these primary goals, letting the website design‘s focus on the orange draw attention to the prominent buttons on desktop or task bar on mobile.

  • The Complete Experience

    Additional content gives the user more information as to the genesis of the platform, including a list of all the participating organizations and original article content.

  • Connecting to People

    The website experience integrates consistent illustration and imagery to add dimension to the platform’s text.