Your best year
starts here.

Great ideas can feel like a stroke of good luck. The truth is that they often come after contemplation, discovery, and play. That’s why we created Ideaspirations.

Each week, we invite you to consider a single concept while taking on a simple everyday quest encouraging you to see the world differently, gain insight from your own experiences, and explore new questions—all the elements that inspire perfectly great ideas.

Ideaspirations Card Detail

Each deck contains 52 prompt cards, Instructions + Guidelines

Each card includes:
    • Concept Icon

      Kicked off through a unique phrase or word, each card brings a diverse array of concepts forefront for the next stage…

    • Reflection Icon

      Using questions and hypothetical prompts, you’re invited to explore the concept’s in thought before taking on a…

    • Quest Icon

      Everyday actions you take bring the ideation front and center in your daily life to incorporate or add depth to your year.

Let Ideaspirations make this your greatest year yet.

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